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Mar 16, 2023

How does precision medicine relate to treating Alzheimer’s disease? Can you share more with us about the blood biomarker research at Johns Hopkins?  

With this special series, brought to you by the NEI Podcast we will address a different theme in psychopharmacology every 3 months. Each theme is split into 3 parts, with one part released each month. This theme is on Alzheimer’s disease, the amyloid hypothesis, disease modification, and breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment.  

Today, Dr. Andy Cutler interviews Dr. Kostas Lyketsos about the most current research on treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, including precision medicine and behavioral modifications.  

Constantine (Kostas) Lyketsos, MD, MHS, FACLP, FACNP is an active clinician, teacher, and researcher, Dr. Lyketsos was the founding director of the Johns Hopkins Neuropsychiatry Service, which he led for over a decade. He developed one of the largest and most successful academic neuropsychiatry programs in the USA with special expertise in dementia and traumatic brain injury. Prior to taking leadership of the Johns Hopkins Bayview Department of  Psychiatry, he was co-director of the Johns Hopkins Division of Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry. He has held a joint faculty appointment at the Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health since 1994. 

Let’s listen in to Part 3 of our theme: Alzheimer’s Disease: Beyond the Amyloid Hypothesis: Prevention, Management and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease 

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