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Sep 16, 2020

September is National Recovery Month! In this invigorating interview with addiction expert, Dr. Nzinga Harrison, we discuss the need for removing the stigma and misconceptions surrounding the topic of addiction, and how to apply treatment strategies focused on understanding compassion, and evidence-based scientific research. When it comes to addiction, there are many questions. What does it mean to say that someone is in recovery? What are some behavioral addictions that most people don’t think about? Are there such things as healthy addictions? In this episode, Dr. Harrison shares a refreshing and novel perspective on the topics of addiction and recovery.

A well-respected physician and educator, Dr. Harrison is the host of the In Recovery weekly podcast by Lemonada Media, she engages a large audience on all things addiction with the goal of leading with compassion, evidence and reducing stigma.   She is Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of  Eleanor Health, an innovative company who provides comprehensive, longitudinal outpatient care for individuals experiencing opioid and other substance use disorders. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Spanish and Chemistry minors at Howard University, completed medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and General Psychiatry Residency at Emory University.   She is Board-Certified in both Adult General Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine and has spent her career treating individuals with Serious Persistent Mental Illness and Addictive Diseases.  Currently, she holds adjunct faculty appointments at the Morehouse School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry is Co-Founder of Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform, Inc. and Campaign Psychiatrist for Let’s Get Mentally Fit, a public education and stigma-reduction campaign.  


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